I am personally sick and tired of how we Nigerians have somehow found it fashionable to blame the Hausa-Fulani for ALL our problems in Nigeria. It’s really annoying how all of a sudden our politicians have manipulated us in the south, South East and South-South to accept that all our problems start and end with the Hausa- Fulani tribes in the North.

1. Sure, the Fulanis are doing their best to maintain a stranglehold on power, but it’s hypocritical for the south to accuse them of the exclusive practice of tribalism. We are all guilty of this insidious mentality of always reducing everything to tribal issues and geography. Come to think of it, what exactly does Oduduwa republic or new Biafra mean if not a direct appeal to tribal jingoism? What makes us better as Yorubas or Igbos when it comes to the issue of tribal jaundice?

We love to blame the Hausa-Fulani for looking after their own tribes, but we are killing ourselves for a Yoruba Nation and Igbo Nation that gives power to our own tribes.

2. We Yorubas and Igbos love to blame the Fulani for everything because it gives us an excuse to avoid accepting our own part in the ruination of Nigeria. Is your Senator a Fulani? Is your Governor a Fulani? How Is it the Fulani’s fault that your state is a shithole?

3. Nigeria has elephant-sized problems but it was NOT created by Fulani alone. Afterall ALL 36 states have at least one minister at the federal level. @MBuhari may have skewed things to the North but plenty of Southerners are still in this APC Govt. They are all sharing the loot while we are all sharing the pain. #NigeriansAwake

4. The truth is that the Fulanis did NOT act alone in the mess Nigeria has become. Many of their collaborators are Igbos & Yorubas. Our shouts of ‘ethnic oppression!’ is an excuse not to face up to the reality that we empowered selfish leaders in ALL tribes

5. FACT: The so-called ‘wicked’ Fulani are being propped up by Yorubas, Igbos and SS. Yorubas like @BolaTinubuNG put Buhari in power! Its an escapist argument to blame Fulani as the problem. Our leaders failed us and we failed ourselves by tolerating useless leaders! #VoteThemOut

6. Fulani alone is NOT our problem. The Minister of Interior
@raufaregbesola is Yoruba and it’s the job to deal with the issue of grazing but did you hear from him? Did he tell us Buhari didn’t let him act? No. Did he resign as herdsmen started taking territories? No. #endbadgovernanceinnigeria

7. Our problem is useless leadership and NOT the Fulani tribe. Minister of Transport is Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi from South-South. So, we must hold him responsible for how weapons got imported and transported to Sambisa forest without his knowledge. #VoteThemOut

8. Our problem is NOT Fulani alone. Chris Ngige Onwa is from SE and is the minister of Labor and we must ask him why we have 50million unemployed youths and why he didn’t care if all our doctors left Nigeria. Or is he Fulani too?

9. Our problem is NOT the Fulani alone but the leadership class. The Director of CBN is @godwinemefiel Godwin Emefiele is from SE. He is responsible for managing the Forex and money flow. So we hold him responsible for how the dollar went from 175 to $1 in 2016 to N490 to $1 today. #HoldThemAllAccountable

10. Our problem is NOT the Fulani tribe but a failed leadership class. The minister of works is Yoruba @tundefashola, a Yoruba man.. and it’s his job to control our roads among others … so he must answer for our bad roads and herdsmen moving materials on the roads.

11. The VP Professor Yemi Osinbajo is Yoruba and directly responsible for the messed up economy, CBN etc. He stood there like a mumu as our economy went down the toilet and as Fulani herdsmen caused havoc but we want to blame the Fulani tribe? It’s collective leadership failure! #VoteThemOut

12. The National leader of the APC is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and he put together the coalition of useless leaders we have now. Why are we not holding him responsible too for the colossal mess our country is in instead of just blaming the Fulani?

13. Most states cannot pay their salaries… So, is your Governor or senator or LG chairman a Fulani? What did they do with the little they have? How hard are they working to increase IGR? Yet, The lazy bums want you to blame the Fulani and @MBuhari Mohammadu Buhari alone?

Bottom line: Our problem is NOT Fulani per se. Its an issue of a greedy leadership elite VS the long-suffering Nigerians who refused to hold their leaders accountable. They all want us to focus on ethnic jingoism while they position themselves for new positions in 2023.


Our leaders in ALL tribes failed us and we failed ourselves when we rejected new leaders like Kingsley Moghalu, fela DUROTOYE SoworeNow, Omoyele Sowore etc because we say ‘they don’t have a structure’ or ‘they don’t have experience’. What exactly has the ‘experience’ of people in govt now like Chris Ngige or Malami done for us, except embarrassing us at all levels?

We must get smarter in 2023! #VoteThemOut!

As for the Oduduwa and Biafran Nations agitators, I say this: It’s true, Nigeria is in bad shape but breaking it apart before we change our leadership will be a mistake. That’s like giving a better Business Plan to a corrupt & incompetent Manager. It won’t work. We must Change the leadership first, then we change the structure!

My name is Ope Banwo and I am a very Angry Nigerian!

#VoteThemOut, #GetYourPVC, #NaijaLivesMatter, #EndBadGovernance, #BuhariMustGo, #angrynigerian