Naija Lives Matter

Naija Lives Matter is a USA Based NGO registered with the mandate to work for better lives for Nigerians at home and in the diaspora

Naija Lives Matter hopes to achieve its mission of making Nigerian lives better in all areas of life by organizing its programs, projects, and activities around 3 primary objectives:

To organize and execute socially conscious programs and social assistance programs for the needy and disadvantage in society.

We organize monthly digital business empowerment and self employment programs for Nigerians who want to be financially independent. Our signature program in this respect is “FISH-FOR-LIFE DIGITAL SKILLS FOR SELF EMPLOYMENT

We believe for Nigerian lives to matter, we need a progressive govt led by patriotic Nigerians and that Nigerians must be encouraged to participate in the process of free and fair elections for candidates of their choice . NLM works with other political conscious groups to mobilize the population to register for PVC; select good leaders; and mobilize the citizens to turn out and vote at elections