We Will Not Vote For Any Candidates That Are Not Labor Party – We Reject All Other Parties Candidates Trying To Tap Into The Obidient Effect.

We have noted with dismay combined some amusement, the spirited efforts by some of the contestants on other party platforms, especially those of the APC and PDP, trying to gather support from OBIdients for next week’s Guber and State House elections, by claiming that though they are in APC OR PDP, they really are Obidients

We think it is very convenient for these reactionary politicians to now claim to be undercover OBIdients when they need us after messing up our nation.

We ask them: If they really believed in Peter obi and the cause of OBIdients how come they didn’t join Peter Obi in LP or declare their support for him before or during the presidential elections?

They all supported their parties’ flag bearers and voted with their party against Peter Obi, and also mostly joined their party to steal Peter Obi’s mandate by rigging the election, and now they want us to believe they are OBIdients?

Those disloyal OBIdients meeting with them should ask if any of them has condemned the large scale rigging by their party against our principal? Are they standing with Peter Obi to reclaim his mandate from the vote kidnappers? Of course not! Yet they are begging OBIdients to vote for them.

Many OBIdients may be young, millions are first time voters and most are not politicians. That’s true. They just want a better Nigeria, but they are not fools and all of us can see through this shameless deception.

We at Naija Lives Matter want to be clear that as an organization and as Obidient individuals, we will NOT be supporting any candidate from any other party no matter how good they claimed to be in the coming governorship or assembly elections

We will vote LABOR PARTY all the way down the ballot papers regardless of who is contesting, and we urge well-meaning OBIdients to do the same, regardless of the Obidient group they belong to, because :

  1. OBIdients need strong political support for Peter Obi across the board for when he eventually reclaims his mandate. He needs LP governors and state house members to push his agenda nationally.
  2. No matter how much any APC OR PDP OR APGA person claimed they loved Peter obi, at crunch time when Peter Obi starts transforming the nation, they will all vote with their party as they try to stop his progressive policies that will take Nigerian pork from their mouths. So let’s not be stupid to empower our enemies in the ongoing war for liberation of Nigeria from the failed political class.
  3. We cannot reward members of a political party that just stole the mandate of OBIdients and Peter Obi by voting for any of their members. If they were good, there would have been no need for Peter Obi phenomenon or the Obidient Movement.

They ALL failed us is why we are here to force a change. So don’t listen to their pathetic begging now. They created the mess and should not use begging to confuse us the way Africans like to do

Any gullible candidate paying money to any fake Obidient leader or courting any supposed Obidient leader is being scammed.

To our knowledge, No Obidient leader has been mandated by anybody to negotiate or form an alliance with the APC OR PDP candidate.

If they want to form an alliance let them go vote for Labor Party instead. LP is rising while they are falling. Momentum is on our side and we do not need to listen to any of them.

OBIdients are ONLY for Peter Obi and Labor Party candidates. Period. If these so-called undercover OBIdients really believed in Peter Obi they should have crossed over to be with him BEFORE the election.

We find It pretty disgusting for any Obidient to even consider voting for ANY APC MEMBER after what our Principal is going through in the hands of the Agbadorians.

They just stole our future! We will never NEVER vote for them in this 2023 elections.

It’s true, we all have a right to vote for who we want but we as Obidients will consider any Obidient voting for any APC candidate a traitor to LP and Peter Obi and they will be treated as such